Trail Report- December 15, 2017 -- opening tomorrow!

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Trail Report- December 15, 2017 -- opening tomorrow!

Postby Snowflake » Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:48 pm

Welcome back to the trail report and to the 2017/2018 season! This is the first report and I'm happy to say that trails do have enough snow to open on opening day! We cannot say that every year. The official opening day is Saturday, 12/16/17. The groomer will hopefully be able to go out tonight and tomorrow night. However, PLEASE BE CAREFUL! We're not sure what kind of a job the groomer can do as some areas under the snow are not frozen and the snow is very light and powdery. The gates are open. Great caution should be taken until the trails are packed snow and well established. Early season conditions for sure.

Also got some great news for the East Lake Road access trail. The trail has been reopened! It is open for just this season for starters. Since the trail wasn't used for a while it has become overgrown and may be a bit tricky. It is very important to respect this, and all, trails so we can keep them open. Remember, without landowner permission, we all lose.

Hope you get to get out there! Be safe! Think snow! :)
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