Trail Report- Saturday, December 24, 2017 - with update

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Trail Report- Saturday, December 24, 2017 - with update

Postby Snowflake » Sun Dec 24, 2017 4:04 pm

Passing along the updates from Richard Letourneau on Facebook...

FB post from last night (on 23rd):
Groomer went out last weekend opened gates and cleared trees that fell and established trails. Groomer was to go out tonight (the 23rd) but waiting for rain to pass so we dont make ice. There is also another 6-12 inches coming Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Be safe respect the conditions they will improve in the next 48 hours.

FB post from this morning (on 24th):
Groomer is warmed up and heading out to North Hill area.

Thanks, Richard! Really appreciate any volunteer grooming during the busy Christmas time!

All - please help out by reporting any trees down. Thanks!

Update on afternoon of 12/24 from Richard - Grooming on North Hill is done and the Warming Hut has a fire in the wood stove. Be safe and warm, everyone!

Merry Christmas!
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