Bridgewater Trails closing. Please read.

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Bridgewater Trails closing. Please read.

Postby Snowflake » Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:54 pm

Got some important and sad news from the Bridgewater club about their trails closing. Please read. This emphasizes how important our land owners are. I'm copy/pasting here what was on their Facebook page....

Hello Snozippers !
As I write this memo it’s 40 degrees and rainy up here in Killington and I can see the snow diminishing ...... this is a huge January thaw with no immediate snow in the forecast until next weekend .
Bad Bad Bad NEWs !!!!!!

Sad news!!!!! Bridgewater Trails are closing!!!!! February 1st, 2018 !

This is a sad day for the history of the Bridgewater Snozippers ,
One of our largest land owners has decided to close off two key sections of land on corridor 12 Thru Bridgewater , The two closures are The Kellog Lot ( 906 acres ) and the late Otis Robinson’s field in Bridgewater Village .

This closure is due to take effect February 1st , 2018 and closes all of Bridgewater !
I’m mean all of it to include ;

no access to the north on corridor 12 trail on the north side of car route 4 by Ramuntos Restaurant .

To include the trail to Woodstock at cor 12 junction WR63 behind Charlie Astbury’s land , to c12/5 to WR31 in west Woodstock ( this effects Joe Nolan’s property ) and everyone on that west side of route 4 ) all the way to Tom Debivoise ‘s field off Gabert rd And ..........

All of cor 12 from Bridgewater village to WR60 in Barnard .

We are working on a resolution but we are uncertain if it’s even possible .
I will keep you all informed as soon as can.
This closure will go down in the history of Bridgewater as the year
Worst for sure if we can’t find a solution. I’m sorry that this landowner is doing this and I wish they would reconsider . I don’t think they realize what this will do to the community , the business , restaurants , gas , food , lodging , this is huge . I am so upset this has happened and I hope they will reconsider . If there is anything we can do we are here to help .

Stay tuned
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