Good News from Bridgewater Sno Zippers...

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Good News from Bridgewater Sno Zippers...

Postby Snowflake » Wed Jan 31, 2018 5:27 pm

Hi All,
The Bridgewater Sno Zippers have come up with a temporary solution. THANK YOU to the Landowners, Sno Zippers, and to Matt! This is copied from their Facebook page...

We are making some temporary progress , Tuesday January 30 th at 8:15 pm ; Here is the latest update .

I called Clarance Walker this morning and left a message about using his land temporarily , He Just called me back and he and his wife own the ( land above Otis’s field) in Bridgewater Village ,

He has granted us temporary use of his land for the rest of this winter . So this keeps corridor 12 north across car route 4 in Bridgewater Village ( the crossing at the Bridgewater Fire Station) open to WR63 and east to WR31 in Woodstock . So everyone who lives on that north side of route 4 and snowmobilers wanting to get to Ramuntos from Woodstock , allows them access again .
Caution ! Please use caution as we are using their driveway as part of the trail go about 300 feet , and it is on a hill . KEEP THE SPEED DOWN TO 10 MPH . And stay on the marked section of trail .
Thank you Clarance and your wife for helping keep this section open until we find a solution . I ask everyone who reads this message to;
Please share this message so the word gets out .
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