Important 2/7 Update From Bridgewater Snozippers

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Important 2/7 Update From Bridgewater Snozippers

Postby Snowflake » Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:13 pm

Hi All,
The Bridgewater Snozippers posted this last night on their Facebook page. Please take a moment to read it. Thanks!

Hello Snozippers , Today is Wednesday February 7, 2018
Here is the latest update since my posting a week ago :

We have officially closed corridor 12 in Bridgewater Vermont per the landowners request to have it done on January 31st, 2018
This is sad news for sure , This closure impacts residents , and business throughout the greater Bridgewater Community along with the entire state of Vermont Trails system and every snowmobiler that lives in Bridgewater , in other words this closure land locks every snowmobiler in Bridgewater, there’s no way around it at this time . In some instances some snowmobilers can’t leave their own property . For example ;
We can’t even get to the Village of Bridgewater on snowmobile unless we go to Barnard , Pomfret, Woodstock , West Woodstock and then back to Bridgewater . The estimated mileage before the closure 6 Miles . After the closures : close to 50!
I sure hope the landowner reverses their decision . We want to do whatever we can to make this happen , hopefully time will be on our side .
In the meantime we , “ALL “and I express “ALL “ loudly to stay out of these closure areas . This affects areas between WR63 in Bridgewater Village to WR60 in Barnard , and everything in between to include the trail that starts at Teddy’s landing in Bridgewater at the top of Stevens road on corridor 100 in Bridgewater to the secondary trail that goes to Bridgewater Center , “AKA Billy Goat Trail. “There is no outlet now , it dead ends at WR61 up behind the church in Bridgewater Center where it connects to the 906 acre parcel that is shut down . The only reason why we left the Billy Goat Trail open is so people who live in Bridgewater Center can get to Corridor 100 to go riding towards Pittsfield , Barnard and back to pomfret to cor 5 and over to WR31 back to Bridgewater or Cross route 4 in west Woodstock over the covered bridge and connect to the south side of the VAST trails . Check your vast map to verify these areas so you don’t get caught up in a huge dead end ride . Furthermore:
I’m asking you all ; ( see below)

#1. When you see a gate or snow fence across the trail it’s there for a reason . Please respect the decision of the landowner until we can come up with a resolution .
#2. Please seek alternate routes to reach your destinations .
In closing , I’m so sorry this has happened and we will be patient in hopes we have an answer or plans to establish a new trail in the future .
I appreciate your cooperation and look forward to a resolution .
Take care ,
Audie L. Bellimer
President Bridgewater Snozippers
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