Important 2/12 Update from Bridgewater Snowzippers

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Important 2/12 Update from Bridgewater Snowzippers

Postby Snowflake » Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:15 am

Hi All,

Just trying to spread the word from the Bridgewater Snowzippers. This is from their Facebook page...copy/pasted as is...

Latest Trail Closure Update as of Monday February 12, 2018 .

Dear Snozippers , Vast , and the entire state of Vermont , and anyone who has had the privilege to ride snowmobile on this 906 acre property in the town of Bridgewater Vermont .
I have to say I am totally on the landowners side to close their land ! Why ? I’ll explain ;
First and foremost , I have had several snowmobilers ask why was it closed ; here is your answer ....

After speaking on the phone today with the landowners I found out why they are upset .
Apparently a few weeks ago two snowmobilers ( no idea at this point who they are ) took it upon themselves to complain to the state of Vermont about how the land was being harvested . In return , the state called the forester and then the forester called the landowners . This upset the landowners and they closed the trail . It’s that simple .

First of all , it is not the responsibility or business of any snowmobiler to put their nose in any landowners business .

Snowmobiling is a privilege not a right . Hence this careless action by these snowmobilers closed this trail and one of the most important trails in the middle of the state .

My suggestion to who ever you are ; is to step forward and admit what you did and apologize to the landowner asap! They want to know who you are before they will consider opening their land again . Below is a message direct from the landowner and I quote ,

“ If you do find out who these two snowmobilers are We want them banned from our property and their names so we know, and we will open back up for this year and discuss next year prior to winter. We Want a full apology on your snozipper Fb sight saying it wasn't closed because of the landowner, it was closed because a few SNOWMOBILERS stuck there noses into business that wasn't there's. They say we the landowner don't care about the community. If they don't have the balls to come forward and give you there names, I guess they don't care about there community!! End of quote”
I fully support these landowners . in closing I hope who ever you are to step up and admit fault .

I would also ask those who read this to share with all the clubs and county’s in the state of Vermont and keep the negative comments to yourself as negative reply’s will not help re open this 906 acre parcel of land .
To Paul and Lisa , On behalf of the Bridgewater Snozippers and as the acting President , I sincerely support you and apologize and hope this can get resolved so we continue the privilege of snowmobiling on your land . We will do what ever we can to help get this resolved .
Regards ,

Audie L. Bellimer
Bridgewater Snozippers .
2-12-18 10:46 pm
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