Trail Report #7 2012-2013

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Trail Report #7 2012-2013

Postby Lee & Mary » Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:19 pm

Well mother nature did a number on our trails. Warm temperatures, heavy rains and high winds were the weather for Thursday. As a result brooks are overflowing, streams have resurfaced, and no doubt there are some downed trees. There is a lack of snow on most trails and sections that do have snow are now hard packed with last nights falling temperatures. And worst yet there is no significant snow in the forecast. Sledders who choose to venture out are doing so at their own risk. We have not been able to get out to inspect our trails and so we don't know if bridges are safe, trees are blown down, wet areas are open or not. Slider lubrication and cooling snow are just not there. :x :x :x
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