Trail Report #11 Winter 2012-2013

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Trail Report #11 Winter 2012-2013

Postby Lee & Mary » Thu Feb 21, 2013 3:33 am

Trail Report #11 Winter 2012-2013
Trail conditions have not changed much from last report. Some sections are fine and conditions are good, other sections are definitely lacking snow. The power line has stretches where there is little to no snow. Trails on logging roads have snow cover for cooling and lubrication. It is especially true in the open areas that saw very little additional accumulation whereas the protected areas got snow that covered the icy base. Groomer operators have been out and done what they can with the snow that remains. Flurries with minimal additional accumulation has been the weather pattern this week. Our trails are quite smooth but can be very slippery with light snow on top of an ice packed trail. Overall trail rating is fair to good. Keep in mind that the trail base is ice and that there is a light snow cover on top. This means curves are especially slippery. Suggest that you have good carbides and track studs.

From Guildhall Village Trail 2F to the Pipeline Jct EX 64
From EX 75 on the 2F trail north on route F102 to Maidstone Lake
From EX 532 North on the Lake Road to EX 55 on Route 98
From EX 532 West on 102-A to EX 51
From EX 51 North on 102-A to EX 42 on Route 102
From EX 343 North to EX 501 on Highway Rte 105 (Stone Dam)
From EX 51 North on Route 98 to EX 491 junction with trail head Rt F98
From EX 491 North on Route 98 to EX 49 joining Route 102
From EX 50 feeder trail F102 to Bloomfield
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