Trail Report #10 Winter 2015-2016

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Trail Report #10 Winter 2015-2016

Postby Lee & Mary » Thu Feb 25, 2016 10:11 pm

Trail Report #10 Winter 2015-2016

THERE IS NO RIDING IN OUR AREA AT THIS TIME. The yo-yo in weather has not helped us at all. First it snows, then it warms up and then it rains. This happened on Saturday Feb 20 after 6 inches of snow, it changed to rain, temps rose to the 40’s and by Sunday, the snow was mush. Same on Wed Feb 24, only received an 1-2” of snow but then it rained 1-2” and temps rose to the high 40’s. There is nothing to groom and thus the groomer has been parked going on two months. The forecast does not look promising. We continue to see wide temperature fluctuations and snow to rain precipitation.

The VAST site is pretty clear about the poor conditions statewide but they refer all inquiries to local clubs.
Please use an actual Essex County map (2016 now available from our CTVSR TMA outlets and several of our advertisers) as a reference for various locations mentioned below.

Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders Grooming Area

• From Guildhall Village Trail 2F to the Pipeline Jct EX 64
• From EX 75 on the 2F trail north on route F102 to Maidstone Lake
• From EX 532 North on the Lake Road to EX 55 on Route 98
• From EX 532 West on 102-A to EX 51
• From EX 51 North on 102-A to EX 42 on Route 102
• From EX 343 North to EX 501 on Highway Rte 105 (Stone Dam)
• From EX 51 North on Route 98 to EX 491 junction with trail head Rt F98
• From EX 491 North on Route 98 to EX 49 joining Route 102
• From EX 50 feeder trail F102 to Bloomfield
• From EX 402 to EX 532 the Route 1 trail
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