Trail Report #9 Winter 2016-2017

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Trail Report #9 Winter 2016-2017

Postby Lee & Mary » Sat Feb 18, 2017 1:52 am

Trail Report #9 Winter 2016-2017

Well the northeast kingdom received a dumping of snow this past week with varying amounts throughout our trail network. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much snow. Over time we’ll be able to use the snow to improve the trail system but at the onset it is very difficult to work with. First of all, it was dry snow which means it has a lot of air and secondly, even when packed it is easily disturbed. Repeated grooming is the only way to create a superior trail surface suitable for cooling, lubrication and smooth riding. The groomer operators have been out on our regular schedule and just need more time to groom and groom some more. This week’s snow is a classic example of where more is not better but just more. The large amount of snow also means snow off the trails is very deep. So drive cautiously and stay on the trails, otherwise you run the risk of getting stuck in really deep snow.

The Equine parking area off Maidstone Lake Road has a large number of logs stacked on trailers as well as a piece of logging equipment. The parking area nearest the Maidstone Lake Access road is not usable as a result. The “back” parking area has been plowed and the trail from the parking area to Paul Stream Rd has be groomed. The gate at Brown’s Mill is open and a limited amount of parking is available at that location. Paul Stream Rd is a snowmobile ONLY trail. Other parking areas at Dennis Pond access and Stone Dam are open and maintained regularly but only when snowmobile trailers and trucks are not present. Use of these areas is one’s own risk. Please be courteous and park so others can use the areas as well. As a reminder Fishing Accesses are only for those enjoying the sport of fishing. Snowmobilers who are enjoying trail riding and not actually ice fishing risk having their equipment towed from these areas.

Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders Grooming Area
• From Guildhall Village Trail 2F to the Pipeline Jct EX 64
• From EX 75 on the 2F trail north on route F102 to Maidstone Lake
• From EX 532 North on the Lake Road to EX 55 on Route 98
• From EX 532 West on 102-A to EX 51
• From EX 51 North on 102-A to EX 42 on Route 102
• From EX 343 North to EX 501 on Highway Rte 105 (Stone Dam)
• From EX 51 North on Route 98 to EX 491 junction with trail head Rt F98
• From EX 491 North on Route 98 to EX 49 joining Route 102
• From EX 50 feeder trail F102 to Bloomfield
• From EX 402 to EX 532 the Route 1 trail
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