Trail Report #3 Winter 2020-2021

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Trail Report #3 Winter 2020-2021

Postby Lee & Mary » Fri Jan 01, 2021 10:29 pm

Trail Report #3 Winter 2020-2021


TRAILS REMAIN CLOSED AT THIS TIME! There is no significant snow in the northeast kingdom. We experienced a cold spell last week that helped freeze the ground and we received a dusting of snow on two different days. But there is insufficient snow from grooming. The upcoming weekend is forecast to receive 3-4” of snow. Still insufficient snow for us to groom. It may be a good snow for the base what with higher temperatures and rain/sleet and finally turning to snow. The weekend temperatures will be cooler. Riding will be delayed until at least the second week of January 2021. :cry: :cry:

Just a note that the Route 1 trail has a reroute in the area of EX 523. A new section of the trail has been constructed and appropriate signage has been set out. Please use caution in this area as there is logging going on and a portion of the trail will be shared with logging equipment.

Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders Grooming Area
• From Guildhall Village Trail 2F to the Pipeline Jct EX 64
• From EX 75 on the 2F trail north on route F102 to Maidstone Lake
• From EX 532 North on the Lake Road to EX 55 on Route 98
• From EX 532 West on 102-A to EX 51
• From EX 51 North on 102-A to EX 42 on Route 102
• From EX 343 North to EX 501 on Highway Rte 105 (Stone Dam)
• From EX 51 North on Route 98 to EX 491 junction with trail head Rt F98
• From EX 491 North on Route 98 to EX 49 joining Route 102
• From EX 50 feeder trail F102 to Bloomfield
• From EX 402 to EX 532 the Route 1 trail
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